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The Perio Protect Orkos Award
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Perio Protect Orkos Award

The Orkos Award honors dental practitioners in the US and Canada who have demonstrated professional excellence in treatment for gum disease (periodontitis or gingivitis) with a case study report.

The Orkos Award

The Award was founded by Perio Protect, LLC to encourage and recognize the contributions of individual dental professionals in the fight against gum disease. “Orkos" is an ancient Greek word associated with the "Hippocratic Oath," and with this award Perio Protect, LLC wants to celebrate those in the dental field who share our passion and our vision for effective, minimally invasive oral care. To receive the award, doctors and hygienists submit documentation demonstrating significantly improved clinical outcomes for a patient after treatment.

Gum disease has been described by the US Surgeon General as a silent epidemic, affecting approximately 85 percent of American adults thirty-five and over. The disease starts with an inflammatory response to a bacterial infection in the gum tissue. Gum disease is not only the leading cause of adult tooth loss but has also been linked to heart disease, diabetes, upper respiratory disease and other inflammatory infections.

Once an individual is diagnosed with gum disease, the standard treatment available involves intensive cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum line, a repetitive practice (every 3 to 6 months) that often requires a local anesthetic. Severe cases may require surgery. Many patients leave their disease untreated.

Perio Protect offers a methodology designed to reduce the need for repetitive invasive procedures. The Method combines a customized tray delivery of medication below the gumline with professional cleaning procedures. It is important to clean below the gumline and deliver medication there because that is where bacterial communities thrive. The non-invasive prescription tray delivery of medication can be done by patients at home between office visits.

The efforts of dental professionals like the winners of the Orkos Award are helping to increase awareness of gum disease and encourage patients to fight it. Additional information about the award and current award-winners can be found on the AWARD WINNERS page. To learn more about the Perio Protect Method® of gum disease treatment visit www.perioprotect.com.

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