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Portions of the Case Study submissions for the Perio Protect Orkos Award Winners are shown below:


100% Bleeding to 3% - Huge Improvement!

Hygienist Hetal White started this case study patient on the Perio Protect Method on September 6, 2011 hoping to get some reasonable improvement, but she never expected the fantastic results that followed.

Here is a summary of the patient's progress:

Florida Probe Progress Report


The patient was very compliant on using the Perio Trays and the perscribed medication and went from 100% bleeding to zero in two weeks. Here is the initial periodontal probing analysis:

Florida Probe Periodontal Probing - 1st visit

Here is the second periodontal probing, two weeks after starting the Perio Protect system (Perio Trays were delievered two weeks after the first probing was done.):

And here is the third periodontal probing, at the one year mark:




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