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Portions of the Case Study submissions for the Perio Protect Orkos Award Winners are shown below:

San Diego Perio Protect Dentist

"My Biggest Fear is Having to Replace my Crowns"

When patients invest in crowns for teeth that have decay or cracks, they are acutely aware of the importance of their health and the need to maintain it. When the gum tissue surrounding those teeth gets infected and begins to bleed, they are concerned not only for their gingival health but also for the longevity of the crowns. Dr. Mark Christensen and hygienist Jackie Morin received the Orkos Award for excellence in case study for helping a patient clear infected gum tissue and protect the crowns.

Click to Enlarge Image

Pre-treatment 100% bleeding on probing on left. Two weeks post-treatment on the right.

“My gums bled all the time and my biggest fear was having to replace my crowns,” explained Dr. Christensen’s patient at Dental Group San Diego. “Ever since I’ve had these crowns, I’ve been concerned about the bleeding.” Patient awareness is the first step. Most patients don’t even know they have bleeding gums, one of the first obvious signs of infected gum tissue leading to gum disease. Additional symptoms include bad breath, red, swollen or tender gums, receding gums and even loose teeth.

Dr. Christensen asked the patient to use the trays for 15 minutes 3 times a day for two weeks. When she returned to the office after two weeks, the bleeding had decreased significantly around her crown margins. She then dropped tray usage to 2 times a day. Three months later at her regular periodontal maintenance appointment, the improvements in the health of her gums had been maintained with a decrease from 168 bleeding points to 1 point.

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Fort Dodge Iowa Perio Protect Dentist

Trying All Options Except Extractions
- with Success

Patients naturally want to keep their teeth, but when three dentists tell you that your gum disease is so advanced that you can’t save them, it’s good news to find a periodontist who can help. Dr. Bruce Cochrane was the treating dentist and he received an award for excellence in case study for his efforts to save this patient’s teeth.

The patient first came to Dr. Cochrane’s office in January 2015 with bleeding gums, pockets measuring up to 7mm (1-3mm is normal), and significant bone loss. He was concerned about keeping his teeth and explained that three previous dentists recommended extractions and implants or dentures. Only in his 40s, the patient wanted to do what he could to save his teeth.

Before Treatment

Dr. Cochrane agreed to try the deep and careful cleaning called scaling followed by homecare that included prescription Perio Trays. The Perio Tray is custom-made with an internal seal to deliver medication deep under the gums so that the medication can fight the bacteria and inflammation causing gum disease. Patients need to use the trays regularly because bactera grow back over time and can re-infect the gums, perpetuating the disease cycle of gingival bleeding, bad breath, and tender or swollen gums. When patients wear the trays as directed, usually once a day at 15 minutes, they have better control over the bacterial regrowth and can maintain healthier gums. Over time this can save a lot of money and help patients keep their teeth.

The patient completed the scaling procedures but declined the prescription trays. He wanted to manage this disease with brushing and flossing. Dr. Cochrane explained that brushing and flossing is often not enough, but the patient left without the trays.

At a maintenance appointment a year later, Dr. Cochrane again recommended Perio Trays because the patient was still bleeding at 25% of the sites examined. The patient agreed this time and trays were delivered in April 2016. For the first month, the patient used the trays two times a day for 15 minutes. In May, 2016 when he returned to Dr. Cochrane’s office, his gums did not bleed at all. In July 2016, three months after starting prescription tray delivery, this post-treatment photo clearly shows the good results.

After Treatment

For more information about Dr. Bruce Cochrane visit

Perio Protect Phoenix Dentist Wins Orkos Award

Five Years and Going Strong

When patients find successful treatment for periodontal disease it can be a challenge to maintain the healthy results. This is why the Perio Tray’s deep delivery is important: when patients use the tray delivery regularly at home, it helps patients maintain healthy gums for long-term care. Dr. Gordon Wilson’s patient, featured first in an Orkos Award in 2011, continued to use his prescription Perio Trays for lasting results. The x-rays below tell the story:


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Scottsdale Arizona Protect Dentist

"My Gums Have Never Felt Healthier"

The patient in this case study is like many with gum disease. She has a long history of disease treatment, including regular 3-month visits to the dentist, deep cleanings of the teeth and root surfaces at regular intervals, and antibiotic therapies, yet she struggled to maintain healthy conditions. Before starting on Perio Tray therapy, she had 63% of the sites in her mouth bleeding and 37% of her periodontal pockets were deeper than 3mm. After a matter of weeks, her response to treatment was, "My gums have never felt healthier." The best news is... the results:

Click to Enlarge Image   Click to Enlarge Image

Before Treatment
(Click to enlarge image)

After Treatment
2 week visit
(Click to enlarge image)


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Duvall Perio Protect Dentist

She Refuses Surgery. Now What?

When a patient comes to a dental office with a serious case of gum disease but refuses to see a periodontist or to accept any surgical intervention, what happens next? “You do your best,” says Dr. Caron Glickman. “After patients are diagnosed with gum disease, we create a treatment plan and thoroughly review homecare instructions. This case study patient was a real challenge because she risked losing more teeth despite excellent homecare.”

Confocal Microscope Video of bacterial activity post Perio Protect treatment


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Mayaguez Peurto Rico Perio Protect Dentist

Delicate Balancing Act

Patricia Lugo , DDS from Mayaguez, Peurto Rico, is the latest recipient of the Orkos Award for treating this "real world" 71-year-old patient who refused to accept the original suggested treatment plan.

Click to Enlarge Image   Click to Enlarge Image

Before Treatment
(Click to enlarge image)

After Treatment
6 month visit
(Click to enlarge image)


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Penndel PA dentist wins Orkos Award

Non-Surgical Treatment for Peri-Implant Mucositis.

Jeffrey Goldstein , DMD from Penndel, PA, receives the Orkos Award for non-surgical treatment for peri-implant mucositis.

Before and After Bacteria Testing Results are shown above
(Click image for full results)
Before Treatment Probing
(Click image for full probing chart)
After Treatment Probing
(Click on image to enlarge)


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Southlake Perio Protect Dentist

Quarterback Dentistry. What’s Your Call?

Greg Gist, DDS from Southlake, TX, is the latest recipient of the Orkos Award for making the right call for this patient.

Click to Enlarge Image   Click to Enlarge Image   Click to Enlarge Image

Before Treatment
(Click image for full probing chart)

After Treatment
2 month visit
(Click image for full probing chart)
Treatment Summary Treatment
4 visit comparison
(Click on image to enlarge)


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Smithfield Utah Perio Protect Dentist

Attached to Each Tooth is a Person

Bard Levey, DDS from Croton-on-Hudson, NY, is the most recent recipient of the Orkos Award. This case was unique, as he was the prescribing dentist as well as the patient.

Click to Enlarge Before Phase Contrast Microscope Image   Click to Enlarge After Treatment Phase Contrast Microscope Image

Before Treatment
(Phase Contrast Microscope image showing robust microflora, symptomatic of periodontitis)

After Treatment
(Phase Contrast Microscope image showing clear plaque samples)

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Smithfield Utah Perio Protect Dentist

We Wanted More for Our Patients

Hygienist Val Hebert and Darren Webber, DMD from Smithfield, UT received the Orkos Award for their periodontal disease case that demonstrates how the Perio Protect Method® helped a patient of record who had struggled with the disease for years.

Click to Enlarge Before Florida Probe Chart   Click to Enlarge After Treatment Florida Probe Chart
"Before" Perio Probing Chart
(Sept 12, 2013)
"After" Perio Probing Chart
(Feb 24, 2014)

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Augusta Georgia Perio Protect Dentist

Easing Periodontal Treatment for a Parkinson’s Patient

Rebecca Hobbs DMD, MAGD of Augusta, GA received an Orkos Award for providing the most comfortable and effective periodontal treatment for her patient with Parkinson’s disease.

Pre-Treatment (Enlarge Image)
Post-Treatment (Enlarge Image)

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Los Gatos Perio Protect Dentist

Getting to the Root of It: Treating Infected Dental Implants

Dr. Greg Sawyer of Los Gatos, CA received an Orkos Award for excellence in a case study report involving non-invasive treatment for an infected dental implant. This is the first award given for an implant case.

For people who have lost teeth due to disease or injury, dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement option with an artificial “root” anchored to the jaw bone. Implants can help restore the appearance of your smile and make eating easier and more enjoyable. Dr. Sawyer placed an implant for a patient missing a tooth in August 2007. The crown for the implant was placed the following February but, by April 2009, the implant had become infected and the bone support around the implant was ailing with four implant threads affected. Read More


Frisco Texas Perio Protect Dentist

“Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

Dr. Jill Wade and Donna Starford RDH of Stonebriar Smile Design in Frisco, Texas received the Orkos Award for professional excellence treating a patient at high risk for periodontal disease. The patient was referred to Dr. Wade by his endocrinologist who noted continually high inflammatory markers in his blood work. The endocrinologist and Dr. Wade had both studied the Bale/Doneen Method™, a science based approach to proactively identify and manage risk factors for heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes prevention. . . Read More


Tulsa Perio Protect Dentist

Conservative Treatment Helps Avoid Gum Surgery

Dr. Craig Buntemeyer and hygienists Selena Murtaugh and Candice DeHues of Tulsa, Oklahoma received the Orkos Award for successfully treating a patient with severe gum disease using minimally invasive dentistry. The patient had not seen a dentist for several years and . . . Read More


Perio Protect Seattle Dentist Wins Orkos Award

Helping Fearful Patients Accept Treatment

Seattle-based Dr. Jim Coleman and hygienists Karla Middendorf and Paula Kingsley received the Orkos Award for demonstrated excellence in a case study report involving a patient with advanced gum disease and significant fears regarding pain management. By introducing the patient to non-invasive technology, Dr. Coleman’s team helped him alleviate his fears and accept treatment. . . Read More


Horseshoe Bay Texas Perio Protect Dentist

Protecting Extensive Crown and Bridge Work

Dr. Gregory Sopel received the Orkos Award for excellence in a case study treating a patient with diseased periodontal tissues surrounding extensive crown and bridge work. The margins on the porcelain fused to metal crowns were originally hidden subgingivally and over time the surrounding tissues became inflamed with corresponding heavy bleeding. The problems were magnified by the extent of the crown and bridge work stretching from ear to ear. . . Read More


Perio Protect Orkos Award

100% Bleeding to 3% - Huge Improvement!

Hetal Patel White, RDH helped a patient with 100% bleeding and deep periodontal pockets achieve great results and maintain success using the Perio Protect system . . . Read More


Perio Protect Missouri RDH Wins Orkos Award

Long-Term Success around Implant and Crowns

Hygienist Ann Delue started this patient on Perio Trays in 2010 to offer help for a patient who had deep pockets around some implants and crowns. . . Read More


Perio Protect Missouri Dentist Wins Orkos Award

Treating the Fearful

Hygienist Kim Stevens and Dr. Howard Schwadron are recognized with the Orkos Award for excellence in a case study treating a patient with severe periodontal disease and a fear of subgingival debridement. The patient’s condition was first documented by Kim Stevens, RDH in 1995 and detrimentally progressed over the years. From 1995 to 2007 the patient insisted that Dr. Schwardron treat her exclusively and repeatedly refused scaling and root planing (SRP), only consenting to topical scalings and polishing. . . Read More


Perio Protect Phoenix Dentist Wins Orkos Award

Whatever it Takes to Save a Tooth

Dr. Gordon Wilson received the Orkos Award for a case study involving a patient with generalized early periodontitis and localized areas of moderate and severe periodontitis. The 54-year-old patient was referred to Dr. Wilson by his general dentist because the patient insisted on trying to save six of his teeth in jeopardy of extraction. . . Read More


Perio Protect Pennsylvania Dentist Wins Orkos Award

Gum Surgery Avoided

Dr. Martin Schroeder received the Orkos Award for excellence in a case study treating a patient with severe periodontal disease. Before treatment, the patient had very deep pockets, measuring up to 9mm, with 69% of all sites bleeding upon probing. A prior dentist had referred him to a specialist who had recommended surgery. The patient sought a second opinion from Dr. Schroeder to learn if the Perio Protect Method might help him avoid surgery. . . Read More


Fresno Dentist and RDH awarded Orkos Award

Reducing 92% Deep Bleeding Pockets to 4%

RDH Mimi Myers and Dr. Jared Mosley in Fresno, CA received the Orkos Award for a case study involving a 35-year old patient who had avoided a dental office for 20 years. . . Read More


Columbia MD Dentist wins Orkos Award

Strong Gag Reflex

Dr. Patricia Stoker received the Orkos Award for her work treating a patient with gum disease who also suffers from an extremely strong gag reflex and significant anxiety regarding dental treatment. The anxiety is serious enough that the routine task of taking a full mouth series of radiographs had to be broken up into several appointments. . . Read More


North Dakota Dentist and RDHs win Orkos Award

Reducing 100% Bleeding to 2%

Dr. Terry Deeter, RDH Amber Olsen-Rambur and RDH Shannon Davis share the Orkos Award for their case study documenting substantial reductions in bleeding on probing and pocket depths with minimally invasive dentistry. . . Read More


Farmington Hills MI dentist awarded Orkos Award

100% Deep and Bleeding to 1%

Dr. Aziza Askari’s patient came to her office wanting a new smile. The patient had not kept regular dental appointments in many years and requested treatment necessary to improve his health and to create a new smile. After discussing his health care options for his severely infected gums, he chose full periodontal treatment followed by tooth alignment, implants, veneers and crowns. . . Read More


Chicago dentist wins Orkos Award

96% Bleeding to 4%

Documentation from Dr. Stephen Gordon (Chicago, IL) indicates a significant reduction in bleeding on probing and pocket depths for his patient in this case study. The patient has a long history of gum care. In 1999 she had a gum graft surgery, followed by regular intervals (every 4 months) of periodontal maintenance visits to her periodontist. At her maintenance visit in August 2009, a second surgery was recommended. She wanted to avoid another surgery and sought a second option. . . Read More


Duvall WA dentist and RDH team win Orkos Award

New Hope When Conventional Therapy Failed

RDH Barbara Tritz and Dr. Caron Nelson Glickman from Duvall, WA received the Orkos Award for their case study demonstrating how bleeding on probing was effectively managed with prescription tray delivery of Perio Gel (1.7% hydrogen peroxide) and Vibramycin for a patient with profuse bleeding and pockets up to 6mm. . . Read More



Note: Keep returning to this site to see more Perio Protect research studies of real people in real dental offices. When Perio Protect announced this award we were swamped with the number of dentists who responded. These dentists want to share their patient results with everyone, so we will be updating this page in an ongoing effort to let their voices be heard and share the good news, that managing the bacteria that causes gum disease, or periodontal disease, in a non-invasive or minimally invasive manner (on a daily basis) IS POSSIBLE.


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